Social Justice Resources

Knowing the issues that affect the most vulnerable in our society is the first step toward finding solutions and bringing justice to a community. These resources cover issues related to poverty, homelessness, social services and more.

Centre for Urban Health Solutions

April 03, 2014

The Centre for Urban Health Solutions (founded in 1998 as the Centre for Research on Inner City Health), is an inter-disciplinary research centre within St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto. The Centre seeks to improve health in cities, especially for those experiencing marginalization, and to reduce barriers to accessing factors essential to health, such as appropriate health care and quality housing. The Centre is committed to developing and implementing concrete responses within health care and social service systems and at the level of public policy.

Topics: Community / Family Services, Poverty & Poverty Reduction, Housing & Homelessness

Type: Websites

Three Cities within Toronto: Income Polarization Among Toronto’s Neighbourhoods, 1970-2005

February 28, 2014

J. David Hulchanski. Associate Director, Research Cities Centre University of Toronto latest examination of Toronto’s 35-year income polarization trend is not only dividing the city into rich and poor neighbourhoods, but it is also triggering a city-wide health crisis.

Topics: Poverty & Poverty Reduction

Type: Research Papers

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