Board Committees

Allocations Committee

Annually reviews programs and budget submissions from member agencies and also reviews grant requests received from non-member agencies with a view to recommending an allocation to the Board of Catholic Charities. The Committee has at least three Board appointees one of whom chairs the Committee. Additional volunteers are invited to sit on Sub-Committees to assist with annual agency reviews. The Sub-Committees meet on a weekly basis during the months of September and October and the Allocations Committee meets at the call of the Chair, usually up to six times during the year.

Audit Committee

Assists the Board of Directors with financial reports and other financial concerns. Committee members are appointed by the Board and meet at least annually or at the call of the Chair.

Catholic Agencies' Committee

This Committee serves the Board of Catholic Charities as a communication link with member agencies regarding subjects of common interest. The Committee is comprised of at least three Directors from the Board of Catholic Charities, and two persons from each of the member agencies. Plans for the meetings of this Committee are developed by the Steering Sub-Committee comprised of appointed Board members from Catholic Charities and elected Board and Executive Director representatives from member agencies. The Committee meets on at least three occasions during the year.

Communications Committee

Advises the Board of Directors on issues concerning the public perception of Catholic Charities and its concerns about the welfare of those in need in the community. The Committee is chaired by a Board Member, but volunteers with an expertise in public relations, communications, publicity, those representing social services, religious and parishes are invited to participate. The Committee usually meets monthly or at the call of the Chair.

Employee Pension and Benefit Committee

Is responsible for the general administration of the employee benefit programs for staff of Catholic Charities and member agencies. A minimum of two members are appointed by the Board of Catholic Charities and a minimum of three and a maximum of four members are chosen from the Board of Directors of participating member agencies, two members at large appointed by the Chair, and the Executive Director and the Financial Manager of Catholic Charities sit on the Committee ex-officio. The Committee meets at the call of the Chair, usually about four times a year.

Human Resources Committee

Develops, reviews and revises personnel policies and procedures, conducts reviews of salaries for both Catholic Charities and its member agencies and provides consultation on personnel matters. The Committee includes at least two Board Members and up to three members from the community as well as the Executive Director who sits on the Committee ex-officio. The committee meets at the call of the Chair.

Membership Review Committee

The purpose of the Membership Review Committee, established in 1984 as a Standing Committee, is to assist the Board of Catholic Charities by systematically ensuring that member agencies meet the criteria and operational standards for membership. To that end, the Membership Review Committee plans and monitors implementation of the established member agency review process. This review process is carried out by volunteers and enables the agency to demonstrate accountability to the community as well as to continuously improve its own operations. Review findings about individual member agencies are reported to the Board of Catholic Charities as well as to the Board of the reviewed agency. The Committee is chaired by a Board Member of Catholic Charities. In addition to other Board Members of Catholic Charities, the Committee has a minimum of two community volunteers with knowledge and expertise in accounting, social work/health programme review or management skills. Meetings are at the call of the Chair, usually monthly.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee interviews and recommends prospective candidates for membership on the Board of Directors. At the last meeting of the Board prior to the Annual General Meeting, the Committee submits a detailed written report indicating the persons recommended for nomination to the Board, and their recommended terms of office. The Committee meets at the call of the Chair.

Social Justice / Advocacy Committee

A Committee created by the Board of Directors of Catholic Charities that reports to the Board. The membership is composed of two members of the Board of Directors of Catholic Charities, one staff member, the Executive Director of Catholic Charities, and one member from the community. Other persons will be recruited on an issue specific basis. Issues of concern are identified through the agencies and the parishes and together with the community a social analysis of the issue will be conducted. Potential positions or responses supported by Catholic Social teachings will be developed. A recommended course of action will be undertaken to educate the community about issues of social concern in light of gospel values and Catholic social teaching.