Serving the York Region for Over 30 Years

Serving the York Region for Over 30 Years

Catholic Community Services of York Region (CCSYR) has been serving the region for over thirty years. CCSYR was formed as a result of collaboration of Catholic parishes in York region to fill gaps of services for the whole community regardless of their faith. A member agency of Catholic Charities, CCSYRS "open intake" approach is based on Catholic social justice teachings, respecting the sanctity of life, of family and of marriage.

CCSYR counsellors are able to reach over 700 residents of York region through more than more 3,000 individual and group sessions for couples, families, men, women and teens. Through the work of its counsellors, people are helped to deal with issues such as stress in marriage; transitioning of teenagers, moving out or back into the family home; depression, anxiety, grieving, broken relationships; or health concerns. Through its financial literacy workshops, CCSYR offers badly needed financial help.

Catholic Community Services of York Region also provides a space for men, called "Focus on Fathers" that helps ensure that fathers are positively and actively involved with their children’s lives and are more supportive of their partners. The program is held in seven languages. There are also women’s support groups whose goal is to reduce isolation for women affected by poverty and often abuse, while strengthening their personal resiliency.

Catholic Community Services of York Region supports the El Sembrador program; it means "the sower" in Spanish. It’s a program for seasonal agricultural workers from Mexico, who are away from their families from March to November each year and come to Canada to work tending vegetables and fruit.

Based on the New Testament tenet (Matthew 25:35) that "...I was a stranger and you received me in your home...", this is an outreach program of parish social ministry and three catholic parishes, Holy Martyrs of Japan, St. Elizabeth Seton and St. John Chrysostom. There are Masses in Spanish on Sundays from April to November.

A group of catholic social ministry volunteers are involved in a series of activities for the seasonal workers of Ontario’s Bradford, Holland Marsh and Keswick areas. They provide social support through farm visits where volunteers go to the workers’ living quarters. Because transportation to and from farms is difficult, the El Sembrador volunteers even provide some transportation to Mass and other church activities outside the local area. The program has resulted in creating strong bonds of friendship with seasonal workers.